Over the last few weeks we have had the pleasure of working on this 1928 Model A Ford.

Model A

We fitted a battery isolator due to the known issue of the starter motors staying on so that it can easily be shut down at a moment’s notice.

We also fitted new spark plugs, gave it a service and fitted some nice new oil pressure and coolant temperature gauges to make sure it will continue running safe and reliably.

Model A 2

In order to get the cooling system working correctly so that the gauge would work we had to flush the cooling system of the rusty orange colour it was due to not being looked after and get it clear with distilled water before adding corrosion inhibitor.

Model A 3

In order to make it a little bit easier to work on we added a bonnet stay bar to keep the bonnet off the fuel tank when being maintained or shown.

Model A 4

A couple of things we still need to do is fit an electric fuel shut off, for those like me who forget to turn off the fuel tap.

And rebuild the carbie that is leaking a little bit of fuel at idle.

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