Log Book Service

Services-1 Contrary to what many dealerships will tell you, you do have a choice of where you want to take your vehicle for servicing. At Ultra Lube Mechanical Workshop we can carry out Manufacturers Handbook Servicing and stamp your handbook without it affecting your statutory warranty. We will carry out the service as per the manufacturers requirements, and once the service is complete, we will stamp your handbook.

General Servicing

The days of Major & Minor services seems to be vanishing with the introduction of more electronics on your vehicle, and spark plugs that can go longer before replacement is required. So instead of a Major or a Minor service we suggest a general service.

Our General Service includes:

  • Oil & Oil filter replacement
  • Check pressures and condition of tyres (including spare)
  • Lubrication of hinges and locks
  • Inspection of lights
  • Inspection of washer bottle and jet operation
  • Inspection of wiper blades and operation
  • Inspection of battery and check charge/cranking amp rate
  • Inspection of differential & transfer oil (where applicable) Services-2
  • Inspection of brake fluid & clutch fluid (where applicable)
  • Check for free play on clutch cable (where applicable)
  • Inspection of power steering fluid condition and level
  • Inspection of transmission oil
  • Inspection of air filter and clean out
  • Inspection of pollen filter (if easily accessible)
  • Inspection of spark plugs (if easily accessible)
  • Inspection of coolant system (hoses, fittings, heater tap & coolant strength/level)
  • Inspection of drive belts & adjustment if required
  • Inspection of brakes, brake hoses, pipe fittings and adjustment of handbrake
  • Inspection of steering & suspension components
  • Inspection of exhaust system & exhaust hangers
  • Inspection of wheel bearings
  • Inspection of fuel line & filter for condition and leaks
  • Inspection of engine mounts
  • Full written safety report & general check over (for oil leaks etc)

Service Extra’s

Services-3 We can also offer the following choices during servicing to help maintain your car, improve fuel consumption, and avoid sludge.

Engine Oil Flush

An additive we put into the engine before oil is drained, the engine is run up to operating temperature for around 10 minutes to get the additive circulating. The oil flush additive can help prevent engine sludge build up and the cleaning of rings

Petrol/Diesel fuel additives

A fuel additive is put into the petrol tank to help clean and maintain your fuel injectors. Applying a fuel treatment can increase your fuel economy by up to 2.4% and increase power by 2.6%

Upper Cylinder Clean

Unwanted carbon can build up on the valves or the inlet manifold of the engine, so when the injector sprays the fuel, the fuel is absorbed into the carbon and not being burnt properly. The upper cylinder clean soaks into the carbon and breaks it down and flushes it out the exhaust system. It can also be used on carburetor vehicles to help clean the carburetor and the jets

Air con purification service

Air con systems can become mouldy over time and contain harmful bacteria’s as well as that mouldy smell. With the air con purfication service a gas canister is released inside the cabin of your car and the gasses are sucked into the vents of the air con and heater system. Helping to kill the bacteria and unwanted smells

Automatic Transmission Services

Automatic transmissions often get forgotten about when it comes to servicing. But the cost of servicing a transmission is a lot cheaper then repairing or replacing a damaged transmission. Transmission services vary from vehicle to vehicle, some just require a drain and refill whereas others require the automatic transmission oil pan to be removed and an internal filter to be replaced and the pick up magnets cleaned. Where possible we also try to use an Automatic Transmission flush kit, which comes in two parts the first part is an additive we put in before the oil is drained and this acts as a washing up liquid for the transmission and the second part is an additive that goes in with the new oil and it helps protect the gears.

General Mechanical Repairs

At Ultra Lube, we don’t just do servicing we are also equipped to carry out general mechanic repairs such as

  • Timing belt replacement
  • Replacement of Brake & clutch components
  • Replacement of springs and shock absorbers
  • Engine repairs
  • Repairs to coolant systems
  • EFI diagnosis (see here for more details)
  • Replacement of steering components
  • Replacement of air con components
  • Electrical repairs of window regulators & door locks.
  • Replacement of exhaust components
  • Repairs to charging & starting systems

We are also able to offer the following services. Whilst the following services aren’t carried out by us we are able to organize it for you whilst your car is here if it makes it more convenient for yourself.

  • Replacement of tyres
  • Wheel alignment/balancing
  • Window tinting
  • Scratch repairs & bumper resprays


Air Conditioning Service

At Ultra Lube Mechanical Workshop, we can now perform a complete air conditioning service including re-gas. Give us a call for more information.

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