Ultra Lube Mechanical Workshop now offers Air Conditioning Services

Modern vehicles use their air conditioning or climate control systems to both keep you cool in summer and dehumidify the cabin and windows in winter – so they are an all-round essential system that needs maintenance just like the rest of your vehicle. Regular servicing of your air conditioning system will help you keep your cool – here at Ultra Lube Mechanical Workshop we recommend annual servicing by our fully qualified and licensed mechanics.

Air conditioning services include:

•             Vehicle road testing, air conditioner operation and vent checks

•             Visual and ultraviolet light inspection for leaks

•             De-gassing and oil removal

•             System integrity test and moisture removal via vacuum seal

•             Re-gas and oil to manufacturer’s specifications

•             Retest system operation

If you’re looking for an extra kick to your air conditioning servie, Ultra Lube Mechanical Workshop also offer an air conditioning odour treatment at additional cost.

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