new machine1 With more and more electronics being put into cars these days, we are constantly purchasing and upgrading equipment to stay up to date with the automotive industry.

At Ultra Lube Mechanical we have several items of equipment to help try and diagnose faults quicker, meaning less charges for the customer.

The first and most important bit of equipment we have, is the diagnostic scan tool, which we can connect to your vehicles on board monitoring system and read any codes that may be stored in the system, and also check current data ranges of your vehicles engine to check if everything is within specifications.

With engines pretty much self-tuning as they drive these days it’s important all sensors are working properly and giving the correct readings. Unfortunately the only way the computer can do this job is by monitoring several components of the vehicle. Throttle position, speed, engine revs, air and coolant temps and more, but if these sensors fail then the computer still keeps the engine running but with the wrong information, which normally means loss of power and excess fuel usage, sometimes the driver can’t tell because the computer is still doing its job. 


smoke1 Another common problem on modern cars is vacuum leaks from the air intake, quite a few of the new generation motors have plastic looking intake manifolds which can warp with the heat and leak, and also many vacuum hoses which with the heat become dry and perish, effecting the cars performance. We have purchased a machine that injects a special non-toxic smoke into the vacuum system that finds the leaks.

We have just recently purchased a new computer which not only allows us to check engine codes, but also allows us to replace brake pads on vehicles with electronic brakes, where the piston in the caliper is controlled by a motor meaning it its not able to be pushed back like normal, the computer connects to the onboard computer of the vehicle and winds the piston back in via the motor.

We also have complete access to Autodata and Autopedia two renowned industry sites that help us stay up to date with common faults on vehicles, and being part of Repco Authorised Service we also have access to a technical department for those even trickier faults.

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