Despite all their excellent features, one of the issues with modern cars is that they are perhaps too good at self-correcting their performance. Designed to keep a vehicle running as good as possible despite adverse engine conditions, they can quite effectively mask potentially costly issues while still minor - only presenting when the mechanical situation becomes critical. This can lead to the incorrect assumption that a vehicle doesn’t require regular servicing.So why should you service your car even though you can’t detect any issues?

Ensure safety for drivers & occupants:

  • Identify small problems sooner - before they become big problems such as brake failures
  • Cars often deteriorate slowly over time, so drivers may not notice gradual negative changes
  • Are all your lights working? You may not notice your indicator has stopped flashing until after a policeman does, or worse yet, until you have an accident.

Save money:

  • Regular servicing identifies problems early and preventative maintenance helps avoid costly repairs down the line

  • If checked regularly, correct engine oils & coolants can help maintain the car in good condition. Avoid oil leaks & their consequent damage

  • Avoid costly and inconvenient breakdowns and towing costs

  • Correctly tuned engines allow your car to run more efficiently, saving on fuel costs and reducing emissions

  • Increase the lifespan of your tyres with pressure checks and wheel alignments

Promote vehicle longevity:

  • A correctly serviced, tuned and maintained engine will have a longer & more economical lifespan

  • Regularly serviced vehicles with a full service history usually attract a better resale or trade-in value when the time comes to upgrade a vehicle

Why service with us?

  • Our commitment to excellence in customer service – we believe in taking the time to explain and offer full written reports of vehicle condition & any required works

  • Highly qualified and diversely experienced mechanics – we do this both for work and play

  • Convenient central workshop location – close to the train station, so you can leave your vehicle with us on your way to work & collect on your way home

  • Know what you can expect – we don’t carry out any work without the owner’s express consent, and will always let you know if any significant issues are coming up for your vehicle

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