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Navara Clutch Replacement

Navara Clutch Replacement


At this time we had a few cars come in with slipping clutches or unable to select gears. Our first step is always to confirm the concern which involves taking the vehicle for a road test and monitoring what happens.

This vehicle was increasing revs while in gear but not increasing speed but the clutch pedal travel felt fine. Which is normally a sign of a slipping clutch. We proceeded to test the clutch fluid, which failed due to moisture content, and check the clutch pedal adjustment to make sure that it was not continuing to apply pressure to the clutch plate.


Upon removal of the gearbox, we found a lot of clutch fibers released from the friction plate. The fibers built up all around the starter motor and in front of the release bearing. The retaining spring for the clutch fork had broken in addition to excess wear between the fork and pivot ball.

Once the clutch was removed we found the friction plate was down to assembly rivets. Both the pressure plate and flywheel had sever discoloration. This discoloration is caused by hot spots in the metal due to excess slipping.


During reassembly we cleaned down the inside of the bell housing, rear of the engine block and the starter motor to remove all potential contaminants. We sent the flywheel out to be machined in order to give the new clutch the best chance for survival. The worn clutch fork, fork pivot and retainer were replaced in conjunction with a new Clutch Industries clutch kit containing; release bearing, spigot bearing, pressure plate and friction plate.

Once assembly was completed, the hyrdaulic controls for the clutch were flushed with fresh brake fluid and then the pedal was adjusted to ensure correct bite and release point of the system for longest life.

Finally, it was road tested for quality control.

The clutch kit we used was from Clutch Industries