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Logbook Car Service Midland


Why it is so important to maintain your logbook service!

Maintaining regular logbook servicing is the minimum requirement to ensure your warranty remains valid. It can also extend the expected life of your vehicle.

All new cars come with a logbook, supplied by the manufacturer and contains the service information required to maintain your vehicle. It is also used as a reference of all services performed over the life of your vehicle and helps increase the value of the vehicle for resale purposes. All logbook services must be completed in accordance to the timeline set out for your vehicle. This can be determined by date (time between service) or mileage (distance travelled between service).

A logbook service will include a stamp by an authorised dealer or mechanical service centre who meets all of the requirements to maintain your vehicle’s warranty.

Did you know that your logbook service does not have to be completed by the dealer?


Is your car due for a logbook service?

Ultralube Midland is a licenced workshop and therefore carry out manufacture’s logbook servicing using quality parts including Penrite oils, Ryco filters and NGK spark plugs. This means that we can stamp your logbook and help you keep your warranty valid, without the hassle of having to travel back to the dealership the car was purchased from.

Car parts wear out at different rates which means the price of logbook servicing can vary significantly depending on where in the schedule the vehicle is up to. However, we have a list of what is required on most manufactures service schedules so we can accurately quote on each service as it is required.

Manufactures generally provide information on the number of kilometres your car should be doing before it needs a service. When purchasing a new vehicle, initial servicing is generally covered under warranty, but once out of the warranty period, servicing can become expensive if not carried out regularly. This is why we recommend going with a mechanic you can trust!

What are the main benefits of maintaining your logbook service?

Familiarise yourself with your logbook servicing schedule. Generally, most mechanics will place a sticker on your windscreen advising when your next service is due, making it easier to remember. However, this is listed as either a date, or before a certain mileage.

A lot of new car owners fall into the trap of thinking that it’s okay if they miss the first few maintenance servicing. Afterall the car is brand new, what could possibly go wrong? However, this is all the more reason to follow your servicing schedule. New engines are particularly susceptible to wear and tear and having the oils and filters replaced during this time is crucial. Skipping logbook service dates, could result in you missing an engine leak which means you’d end up a large amount out of pocket for costly repairs down the track.

Did you know that your car dealer can outright refuse to bear the costs of repairs if you have neglected to maintain your logbook servicing?

A prospective buyer of a second-hand car sees great value in a well-maintained logbook. Knowing the vehicle is both reliable and dependable are key to any car buyer, so being able to offer proof that your car has been regularly serviced by professional mechanics as documented in the logbook, you are likely to get a great price for the sale of your car.

During your routine logbook service at Ultralube, we will be on the lookout for any signs of vehicle wear and tear. We take good care of all parts and systems in your car, even before they may need replacing.

At Ultralube we offer high-quality services in logbook servicing by our highly qualified team of mechanics. Contact us today for a FREE quote!



Owner of the business helped me personally. Talked me through all my options so I can get a better service. Very trustworthy guy, you can tell he enjoys what he does and isn't just out to scam money off people... highly recommended.

C. EastPerth

Nathan was reassuring and helpful. Very honest guy and actually really good pricing! I got a sense of somebody who is genuinely passionate about his work.

B. CrawfordMidland

Needed to know what fix would cost me barely had got home when manager rang and asked me to come back and showed me first hand the issue and whether I was willing to spend that amount also showed me some other issues and pointed out common faults thru out the territory vehicles they were honest in their assessment which was refreshing. Work carried out on the car was done promptly and on time and price was as per quote.

R. KleinitzPerth

Was passing through Perth from up North and the team fitted me in on short notice for a service. Attention to detail during the service they noticed my suspension was faulty and recommended it be replaced. Again they fixed it promptly on a Friday at a reasonable cost and gave me a few options. The free loan car was a huge help so my family and I weren't stuck without transport.

D. ClarkPerth

Friendly accommodating service. Air conditioner and power steering issues all sorted quickly a cost effectively.

G. HallMidland

The crew at Midland Ultra Lube did a great job. Will be taking my cars there again into the future.

M. PervanMidland


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